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                  What is conservation picture framing?

                    Conservation or preservation framing is a method of picture framing that preserves and protects artwork. We ensure that all of the material used in our custom framing and matting will never harm the artwork, and will, as much as possible, protect the artwork from physical damage. Our professional picture framers are trained in the latest and proper techniques /materials for preservation framing, and with our custom picture framing your artwork will last a lifetime.



When should you use conservation framing?

We are asked this question quite a bit , and our answer is very simple, “When the artwork is worth preserving.”Obvious examples include original artwork, newspaper clippings, limited edition prints, cartoon cels, photographs, etc. Perhaps the most important examples – your child’s first drawings.If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, visit our contact page.



What will happen to my art if I choose to not use conservation framing materials?

If paintings or photography are not properly framed in a conservation manner, it can fade, yellow, stain, even be burned by acids in inferior framing materials – causing irreparable damage and loss of value and beauty. Because conservation framing materials are made to be permanent, they are made with colors that will not fade and core colors that are pure and clean – attributes that will maintain the aesthetics of your framed pieces for years to come.In addition, preservation framing protects the integrity and value – be it monetary or emotional – of all your memories, artwork, and photographs, preserving and protecting the value for generations to come. Another added benefit is conservation/preservation framing is completely reversible. If you ever decide to have your artwork taken out of your custom frame, there will be no visible trace of adhesives or mounting.


Conservation Matboards: Conservation mat board protects artwork from pollutant gases entering along the glazing edge, from acids released by wood mouldings and from the artifact’s aging by-products.Archival Mounting Boards: Archival Foamboard protects artwork from pollutants entering the back of the framed piece, from foam out-gassing and from degradative by-products.

Conservation Glass: Our conservation glass also filters 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays.UV Plexiglass: Our UV Plexiglass filters 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays.


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